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[English] Ultime News

20Apr 2020

It’s time to organize the operations restart after the stop due to Covid-19 crisis. Companies are required to guarantee work spaces: for this reason today we present the service of disinfection of your work areas from Covid-19, using procedures and products compliant to the Health Authorities guidelines. Do not hesistate to contact us: our technical staff will be at your disposal! De […]

25Mar 2020

Even in this period of emergency we are running our company, making every effort to ensure normal operations! In compliance with the Italian Statement we are applying all precautionary measures that allow us to protect our and our community’s health. Our warehouse opens from 9.00 am till 1.00 pm (Mon-Fri) with limited access and allowed only to personnel equipped […]

27Jan 2020

De Palma Thermofluid is are glad to present the Dolomite by Comelt, suitable to be used as filter media for the correction of pH and hardness of the drinking and process waters. A quality control service grants homogeneous product in each lot of production. The product fulfils the standard UNI ISO EN 1017:1999 Thanks to technological expertise […]

19Sep 2019

As you already know, DPT Webzine is the periodical created to inform you about market news and product skills, especially about our partners brands – Spirax-Sarco, Danfoss and Belimo. All presented with insights, tips and technical sheets. Today we’re glad to present the Inverted Bucket Steam Trap (S and SF Series) branded Spirax-Sarco, international company focused on steam technical […]

26Jul 2019

  During the summer season is recommended a careful maintenance of the cooling systems, in order to preserve the efficiency of the entire production plant. We are able to promptly supply the main components for the maintenance of Evaporative Towers, Chillers, UTAs (Air Treatment Units) and Adiabatic Coolers. Deck Fills, Drop Eliminators, Cellulose Humidifying Panels, […]

11Jul 2019

De Palma Thermofluid provides, repairs and installs any kind of Galley and Laundry Equipment – and all aspects for that – from appliances to fitted ones and spares. Frequently we are requested either to provide spares or replace US voltage Galley and Laundry equipment: mixers, blenders, ovens, refrigerators, robot, hot counters, ice machines, bread machines, etc…it’s not a problem for us! We can supply all products […]