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Marine Division Thermofluid

The Marine Division of De Palma Thermofluid is one of the most well-established points of reference for the most famous cruise companies all over the world, both by finding new expandable items (bought directly from worldwide manufacturers) and by listening their needs in order to solve process issues.
Our company supplies products and technologies which are able to produce, intercept, adjust and control all the industrial fluids, such as steam, superheated, refrigerated and osmotized water, hot and cold air, seawater, greases, fuels, gases and all the alimentary fluids.
The Marine Division of De Palma Thermofluid has a good knowledge of items of mechanics, illumination design, electrotechnics, furnishing of cabins, navigation bridges and technical areas, emergency and personal protection equipment, access control, interventions of maintenance and repair, mechanic elements directly on board. We are also a privileged interlocutor especially when the cabin crew searches for valid and reliable solutions, always in full obedience of certifications and presale controls of each provided detail.