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De Palma Thermofluid company supplies ship companies for 10 years with the Marine Division, branch of the company established to be more close to naval customers who need to have quick and multi-technical feedbacks with reduced budget to improve the competitiveness on the market.

But what does it mean to be a supplier for naval industry today? And which are the difficulties to support every day big companies as Costa Cruise, Carnival, Aida, MSC, Grandi Navi Veloci, Grimaldi, etc?

Mr. Roberto Cannataro – Marine division director at De Palma Thermofluid – has answered to the following questions:


1. How did naval industry change in these years and how did you change yourself to grow up?

In the last 10 years the naval sector has had a strong increase (above all with the cruise ships) and our core business will satisfy the strong request of the market with the new shipbuildings.

The growth of the fleets has produced a reduction of vendor list, selecting versatile and quick suppliers that could give technical solutions in every field.

De Palma Thermofluid company has already these features – developed in the industrial field since the ‘60s – and usually ship companies notice them in our attitude.

2. Which are the difficulties to supply technical solutions to the naval’s customers?

Surely there’s no risk to get bored. Every day we take on various difficulties and sometimes new ones: both because the technology develops and the needs of the customers change continuously.

It’s important to be ready: it means to be always updated both technically and commercially. But this could not be enough: it is necessary to anticipate potential problems of the customers and recommending the right maintenance.

3. Which factors represent the key of success of Marine Division?

Never say no to customers: they trust us and it’s important to support them.

To avoid bad impressions is important to have a network organization with skilled technical consultants.

Never work alone but in a network, using your own technical knowledge and also personal acquaintances.

Second factor: response time. Ships cannot wait if they are having a problem on the high seas or if they must set sail to respect a delivery.

Third factor: never leave the customer after supply or the consulting. Aftersales is the added value that doesn’t must miss. Otherwise we will give a benefit to the competitors.

4. What kind of changes do you expect for the naval industry?

If I told you, I would kill you! It’s clear to all that more than two thirds of the Earth is composed of water: so it’s normal that the carriage by sea will be the more used method to transport big quantities of goods and persons for big distances. So the future for the naval industry is very naive.

I’d like to have an innovation: green energy for the ship’s propulsion.

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