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24Sep 2021

The economic situation we are experiencing is characterized by great production instability due to huge delays in the procurement of industrial components, mainly attributable to the lack of raw materials at a global level. For this reason De Palma Thermofluid offers you products READY IN STOCK, so as to allow you to operate promptly on the system. In particular, […]

29Jul 2021

We decided to reduce the holiday period this summer too, to try to be closer to you in this “special” year of re-start. For this reason, our offices will be closed only from 9th to 20th August 2021. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of specific needs.

19Jul 2021

De Palma Thermofluid is pleased to present the new “tailor-made” solutions conceived by the Belimo company to meet the increasingly specific needs of modern systems. Today’s design and construction site challenges are difficult to solve with standard products. Customer-tailored solutions are therefore becoming increasingly important. Less effort, more profit – Belimo offers a “worry-free complete package” for […]

05May 2021

De Palma Thermofluid is pleased to present you the main components for the maintenance of Cooling Towers, Chillers, UTAs (Air Treatment Units) and Adiabatic Coolers. Deck Fills, Drop Eliminators, Cellulose or Stainless Steel or Thermoplastic Humidifying Panels, Grills or Louver, are the main products exposed to wear that could cause a plant shutdown if not replaced […]

19Mar 2021

De Palma Thermofluid is pleased to present you DON, the oval wheel flow meter “made in Kobold”, designed for the accurate measurement of high to low viscosity liquids. To measure flow rates of viscous fluids with little space and in difficult conditions, the ideal instrument is the DON oval wheel meter, which is optimally designed for these applications. DON, can […]