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12Sep 2023

Since the 60s De Palma Thermofluid is specialized in the supply of Solutions for Industrial and Ships’ Steam Systems: both Design but also a Warehouse always equipped with Components and Accessories of the most prestigious brands in the industry such as Spirax-Sarco, Conflow, Burocco (now Klinger), Danfoss, Asco-Emerson (formerly Sirai) and many more. In this […]

14Jul 2023

Today we are glad to present you the lastest products made by Kobold Instruments, the german company leader in manifacturing measuring instruments both for Industrial and Marine field. TBE – BiMetal Thermometer   Features The bi-metal thermometers are built from a stainless steel tube inside of which a bi-metal helicoidal spiral is placed. This spiral is welded to the tip […]

17Apr 2023

De Palma Thermofluid has become a “Supporting Member” for 2023 of A.I.I.S.A., the Italian Association of Aeraulic Systems Hygienists which aims to disseminate all the information concerning the most innovative procedures in the field of inspection, maintenance and remediation of systems aeraulic. AIISA is the italian branch for NADCA (the HVAC Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Association) […]

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