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16Jun 2022

Today we are glad to introduce you the 2022 selection of new products by Kobold Instruments, the leading German company in the field of measuring instruments for Industrial and Marine plants. MIK – Magnetic Inductive Flow Meter Whether in the chemical industry, water treatment or laboratories: for conductive and particularly aggressive fluids, the different material combinations […]

17May 2022

De Palma Thermofluid Outlet is the “virtual place” thought to provide our customers with the products of the best brands at the best price on the market. Today we are pleased to offer you a special discount of 30%* on Belimo products READY IN STOCK! Do not hesitate to contact us for further information, availability is very limited!** Header1 Header2 * from the […]

05May 2022

For many years we have been offering the most suitable technical solutions to improve the performance of the marine industry. Even for the Ships’ Galley Equipment and Hotellerie we are proud to support both fleets of cruise international groups and local ferry companies, always proposing new brands, ideas and solutions shared with the ship managers. Thanks to decades of collaborations with the most important […]