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De Palma Thermofluid company provides the outsourcing service to many purchase offices and experts of different kind of industries and marine companies, being a real benchmark for many technical studios.
Plant engineers: for years the De Palma Thermofluid company has been cooperating with highly-experienced experts following every project and, together, they have developed a very high level of expertise.


Thanks to the help of certified and qualified technicians, the De Palma Thermofluid company is able to overhaul components and mechanical equipments, like regulating and reducing valves, and to overhaul and calibrate again (with a certificate) safety valves.
Technical service: the De Palma Thermofluid company operates on the field with qualified technicians able to start and calibrate again electronic and pneumatic regulators, PLC and controllers.


If the customer asks for a turnkey service, the De Palma Thermofluid company designs, installs and certifies complex plants and systems thanks to expert professionals having references..

Spare parts store

De Palma Thermofluid company is able to realize specific stock items for demanding customers ensuring the constant presence of components needed for the functioning of plants and the building of machines and mechanical systems.

De Palma Thermofluid Service

After all these years of experience in the Industrial and  the Marine sector, has been launched “De Palma Thermofluid Service“, a brand with the target of unifing all the professional skills belonging to the partners of the network created by De Palma Thermofluid over the years.

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