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De Palma Thermofluid Service

Thanks to the experience gained in the sector, De Palma Thermofluid launches the “De Palma Thermofluid Service” project, a brand that brings together a series of services that our technicians are able to operate in any type of plant.

For over 50 years we have been visiting production plants, agreeing on the best maintenance strategy with internal contacts and providing consultancy and materials, making significant improvements in terms of production efficiency.

Finally today, thanks to a dense network of close collaborations over the years with highly specialized technical partners, De Palma Thermofluid Service is able to offer maintenance services directly to the customer.

In the naval sector, De Palma Thermofluid has been participating in the Dry Docks of the best cruise lines for years, organizing inspections and carrying out maintenance and repairs on board the ship:

– Glasses Repair
– Ovens maintenance
– Dishwashers maintenance
– Coffee Machines Maintenance
– Ice cream machines maintenance
– Restoration of Hotellerie Materials (handles, doors, door locks, lamps, carpets, bathroom furnishings, etc.)
– Disinfection and Sanitation of Environments

…and all support activities up to the end of the works and after-sales assistance.

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